US pelvis TA and transvaginal after colposcopy ??

Hi ladies can anyone give me some advice, had abnormal smear results so was sent for a colposcopy. Went for colposcopy on 7th June but they said would get results through the post up to six weeks. Received letter today saying I need to go to hospital on 3rd July for a US pelvis TA and transvaginal. There is no explanation on why i need to go for this and I have not received any results back from colposcopy appointment. Anyone else had this happen to them. 

Getting quite worried it's somethiby quite serious 



Hi. For the last 2   years I've been back and forward to the hospital for smears colposcopys lletz and dialation it's looking likely that I will be having a hysterectomy in next 12 months. Anyway sorry to go on there but my point is that after my last colposcopy I have been referred for the same US, the reason for this with me is concern I have bleeding in the uterus. Can you contact the consultant and get some answers to explain maybe. 

Hi lauramea77 I am in the same situation with yourself can I ask how did you get on? What was next etc. Is this routine. 

Thanks kath