i had stage 2b cervical cancer 2016 and was given the all clear February 2017 after chemo, radiotherapy and brachytherap. Unfortunately I have suffered a lot of side effects because of treatment and 2 weeks ago had surgery to hopefully improve a blockage in my ureters but the damage was so bad the only option they had was to give me a urostomy. I know it’s only been 2 weeks and it is better that I am still here but I dont feel I was prepared for this and this seems so unfair. I also hate the fact that I am 2 years on and still my life feels on hold, when do things start to feel better? 

Urostomys are fab! You will soon see the advantages. Nipping behind a tree when.out for a walk. No.bursting bladders when stuck in traffic! You will soon adjust. You are alive, you will soon feel better it's all good:)

Karen x 

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I had my urostomy in April and 4 months on I can honestly say I have well and truly adapted to living with my new 'bag for life' 

I was more prepared as I lost all control of my bladder in October 2017 so I knew that the surgery was my only option but due to severe scar tissue they couldnt operate immediately so it was held until it could no longer be.  I have 2 young boys (3 & 6 years old) and I wanted them to understand it and accept it as soon as possible so togther we named the stoma, so our new 'family addition' is called straw butt (straw because they think it looks like a strawberry and butt because they know my bowel was used to create it)  

My first 4 weeks were horrendous, surgery didnt agree with me and i had a bad blockage and was rushed back into hospital and was very poorly, but im now fitting fit again.  There were 'bag' issues between week 6 and 8 so i changed products and havent had any leaking bags since.  

It will take time but you will adapt and you will find what works well for you, I also found building a good relationship with my stoma nurse has helped and I talk to her about everything and anything.

keep smiling and take it one day at a time xx