Hi all,
Has anyone been referred to urology for their bladder problems?
I have an appointment tomorrow and was hoping someone may be able to tell me what to expect!
Thanks x

Hi Sweetpea,

Sorry I can't be any help but I have an appointment in May so will be interested to see how you get on. I have an ultrasound appointment before to see if my bladder is emptying properly. Maybe they will suggest something similar?

I have read that they may suggest you keep a diary of how often you go to the toilet and how much you drink/wee out.

I hope the appointment helps you and any problems you have get resolved quickly.

Cara xxxx

Hi CD84

Urology appointment was fine and the doctor has decided to leave it and see how I get in. In the grand scheme of things I'm not long post treatment (7 months) and he said it can take years for the body to find a new balance. Because I'm not actually wetting myself and can hold it in if needed and can go the whole night without waking to go to the toilet he isn't concerned.


Hi Sweetpea,

Thanks for the reply :)

That sounds positive. Fingers crossed any issues settle down soon. 

Cara xxx