Urology appointment

I’ve recently been having some blood in my urine, I went to my doctors and they thought I probably had an infection so I was given antibiotics and they took a urine sample, this came back with no sign of infection and I’ve now been referred to a urologist. I’m so scared and freaking out, I’ve nearly been 7 years clear from stage 2b and having to go back to the hospital is really difficult. Has anybody had a similar issue and could it be something other than cancer?

Mel x

Hi Mel

I had a cystoscopy last year and it showed i had bladder telangiectasia (distended blood vessels); the urologist advised me it was caused by the pelvic radiotherapy I had in 2017. Such blood vessels can be fragile and prone to bleeding so maybe it’s possible your symptoms are a late effect of pelvic radiation? There is some information in the following links which may be of interest:



I haven’t had any noticeable bleeding from my bladder but I have had vaginal bleeding since my radiotherapy, which I was advised was due to vaginal telangiectasia, It was very alarming at the time so I think I can understand some how you might be feeling at the moment.