Urine discharge 3months post treatment

Hi everyone,

I am now 3 months post treatment except of the following:

1. Menopausal symptoms like hot flushes but sorted now with HRT. I started 5 months since my last period or bleeding.

2. I developed skin rash or excema, not sure due to menopause and thats when i started the hrt. Im still hoping my hrt can sort my skin out, im 3 weeks now with itchy skin.

3. Also I noticed, in my 3rd month post treatment, the urine discharge or leakage is getting a bit more often that i need to wear panty liners now all the time. I smell of urine down there maybe because it starting to be drippy there. Its not filling the whole panty liner but it would be nice to have dry down there and not see anymore dampness on your underwear.

Anyone go through these stage or even the urine leakage? Does it get better over time or this is something i need to live from now on to wear panty liners?

I want to feel and smell clean and this small leakage is starting to bother me.

Also, the flaring of any excema or skin rashes, have you been to that point as well?

Thanks, any advise will help.