Urgent refferal for colposcopy and gynacology

Hi i have not had a period for two years as i have got the implant , reason for that is not contraception as i have had my tubes burnt to stop me falling pregnant again as i have 7 children , the reason for the implant was because i had my first period after the birth of my son two years ago and i literally bled so heavy for 4 months that i couldnt leave the house , they tried tablets and that didnt do anything so offered the coil to stop it and i said i would rather have the implant , amyway so now two years on i start bleeding and my virgina was so swollen from the start (last friday) i couldnt insert a tampax , so monday i went doctors , she done an internal and found a very inflamed patch about the size of a 50p on my cervix that was bleeding and weeping , so im not on my period , she done an urgent feferal for a colposcopy and an urgent referal for gynacology , i had a phone call im seeing them on monday , im still bleeding and very sore and swelling has gone down slightly , imreally worried , do you think the urgent referral for both gyne and colposcopy mean she thinks it maybe cervical cancer ?

Im not much help but they gave me a emergency refereal for a colposcopy aswell not sure what to make of it either. When i went in the told me they were sendimg me for a emergency colposcopy and then potientially a leep procedure. But ypur not alone good luck