Urgent referral

I'm really worried, I been referred to gynecology (I was originally told colposcopy) after several incidences of bleeding after sex.

I had CIN2 removed in June 2011 but have had clear smears since. When I started having this bleeding I went and got full std screening done. I'm in a long term relationship so it was merely to rule out infections. Anyway, all came back negative but I still keep having the bleeds. Its only ever after sex, and since I have mirena coil I don't have periods so any bleeding is unusual for me. I went back to the doctor as instructed. I had a very thorough (and painful) examination. Sometimes they find it hard to see my cervix and she was very forceful with the speculum. Anyway, she also pressed on my tummy and told me to cough. Then she told me she was putting in an urgent referral, that I needed to be seen within 2 weeks, and that I may have an ultrasound as well.

Even then I wasn't too worried. I've had 3 or 4 normal smear results so it couldn't be that bad. However the doctor called me later to tell me that my referral was going to gynecology instead, that they had made the appointment for me and that there was a letter waiting for me at reception. I collected the letter, and was horrified to read "if cancer is suspected the patient must be seen within 2 weeks".

I feel so stupid. I never even asked why she was referring me in the first place. Now I'm worried that they didn't get all the bad cells last time and that they've been there all this time. My mind is going into overdrive and all I can do is wait to see what happens.


Sorry you have to have the worry of not knowing whats going on.Hopefully you will find out

soon.Either way it sounds like you have a good set of doctors,that will do the best for you,if

you need ant extra treatment.

The ladies on here are amazing.If you need to know anything just ask.

Good luck.Takecare

Becky x

Hiya how awful for you, why don't you give them a ring and see if you can find out anything?

i know from experience though that the receptionists are less then helpful but it may differ

from place to place, it sounds to me like you have excellent doctors who are doing all they can to look after you

there are amazing women on this site who have been through it all so don't be afraid to post. 

Hopefully you'll get seen quickly and you'll know what you're dealing with, don't use google it's the worst thing

in the world! 



It's a truly horrible time waiting.

I'm not going to say you'll be fine because of course you may not and I found being told 'You'll be fine' incredibly irritating.  However if it is found you have Cancer then hopefully it will have been caught early and can be dealt with. My urgent referral (from bleeding after sex) ended in a cancer diagnosis. I have since had two friends who have also had urgent referrals, one with a similar history to you and it came back clear and another who had a severe case of thrush which had left her cervix very inflamed....(symptoms were bleeding after sex)

Your doctor has done absolutely the right thing. Fingers crossed for good news but we are all here for you if it isn't.



Thank yoy all for your kind support. I feel silly worrying when it could be nothing major, especially seeing what some of you have gone through. I do hate it though when people say you'll be fine and relay their friends dogs sisters owners experience and look how well theyre doing stuff. Thats great for them but everyone is different. I dont find their reassurances helpful which in turn makes me feel like im being ungrateful and i really dont mean to be. Just seeing those words in black and white though, and given that ive just had swabs n tests i know that its not an infection. They gave me antibiotics as a precaution and its still happening. Sex is also a little uncomfortable, not painful, but i sometimes feel wrong afterwards, like ive been jiggled around. Im not explaining things well here, lol.

Anyway, i dont want to harass my already busy doctors, but i may just give them a call to ask what to expect.

Thank you again for your help xxx