Urgent referral

after nearly 3 months of bleeding the doctor took swabs on Friday and told me I have cervical erosion and a large womb (although she said that a large womb may be normal for me) she then gave me an urgent 2 week referral and I’m terrified that it’s cancer. 

Im 33 years old and after a horrendous birth with my son 15 years ago I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been for a smear, absolutely kicking myself for that now. 

New to this forum so not sure if I’ve posted in the right place, has anybody had a similar experience? Just waiting for a phone call with a hospital date. 


I can totally relate with not wanting a smear due to a bad birth as I had simillar with my baby. My sister forced me to have a smear this summer because she had one in June which came back with abnormal result. I almost died giving birth last December because of a haemorrhage because my placenta was stuck. This has made me terrified of the thought of anyone going near down there but after worrying about my sister I knew I had to get checked.

Well done for going to your doctor, it sounds like they are taking it seriously which is a good thing. They are obviously taking all precautions and checking you properly. I'm guessing your waiting for a colposcopy appointment? I know that my sister had to wait 2 weeks and she was fine with only CIN 2 cell changes which weren't cancerous. I had 2 wait 2 weeks aswell but they already knew that my cells were a high grade change.

The waiting is the worst part i think. Its when we all think overdri e. Try and keep busy to keep your mind from thinling too much about it.


Don't kick yourself for not going, I went through the exact same thing as Lemoncake just 6 months ago and was having treatment for ptsd when I had to go for my smear again as I was a year overdue. the thought of missing something like cc pushed me to do it despite being terrified. 

Make the hospital aware if you have to have any treatment that you're anxious for that reason and they should then give you extra time if you need it or talk through things as they do it to keep you more comfortablE. I did find that apart from me feeling tense because I thought I might panic, the actual treatment wasn't too bad so I'm glad I bit the bullet and had it done xx

Hi Unicorns

I am also 33 and hadnt been for a smear before this August, my smear results actually came back as Normal but the doctor referred me for a colposcopy before they came back because I bled a bit at the smear. I've since had the colposcopy where CIN2 was found and had the Lletz procedure last Thursday.

I felt so guilty for not having a smear before (only admitted that to my closest friend and boyfriend) and really convinced myself it was already advanced cancer. The waiting is the worse thing and your mind goes into overdrive but please try not to worry - you are in the system now and the doctors will take a good luck.

Whilst I was waiting for my colposcopy appointment to come through i was ringing the hospital directly as I was so worried and they fitted me in really quick as they could tell I was making myself upset, so it may be worth you ringing the colposcopy unit yourself and explaining you are worried and seeing if they can see you asap.

Good luck :-)


Thanks for taking the time to reply, I have an appointment with a gynecologic oncologist tomorrow at 9:20. I have no idea what they are going to do, the doctor who referred me just said I needed to be checked by one and didn't give me any more information. I'm still bleeding and having stomach pains and I'm now taking iron tablets 3 times a day. The doctor said they could take 3 months to start working, I can't wait to have some energy back again Frown