Urgent referral post smear, no grade, colposcopy - glandular necrosis


I’m new to here am panicking like many. I went for routine smear in Feb, received letter telling me I needed urgent colposcopy due to abnormal results, I didn’t worry too much and went for my colposcopy on Tuesday this week. They took four biopsies and all they said was I should hear in two weeks and it looked like it would need treatment and possible camera in my womb as well. I saw on computer screen reason for colposcopy was glandular necrosis?. Since coming home from my appointment I have got more and more petrified having looked on Internet and realising most people are informed on their smear test the level of issue but I was not and this glandular necrosis is making me think the worse. I know I should have asked the consultant at the time but i just didn’t.
I don’t know whether to speak to my gp to explain the smear. But I am worried sick what the outcome is going to be and the waiting is horrendous. Has anyone else had smear letter with no information on level of possible abnormalities or know more about glandular necrosis? Thank you

hi littlepetal,

sorry your going through this worrying time, I to had an abnormal result from my smear, no explanation what the abnormality was but that I had to go for a colposcopy, this sent me into meltdown, I had no idea what I was dealing with and just thought the worst everyday.

so I went for my colposcopy on the 12th Feb and they preformed lletz there and then, I was worried sick everyday waiting for my results from lletz. last week I had my results still with no explanation, 

just says that the abnormality that was predicted in my smear was in my biopsy and to go back in 6 months. still doesn't explain the grade of anything. but now I am not to worried as they just want me back in 6 months so I can relax a bit now.

the waiting is just awful, but it does get easier. hope this helps you as I still have no idea what abnormality I had xx

Hi, I hadn’t heard about the possibility of necrosis in the cervix, but, for what it is worth (I am no doctor) I have looked it up and it seems to be a possible consequence of chronic inflammation of the cervix.

It seems there are several causes of chronic inflammation, and that necrotic tissue has to be removed.

It does sound scary, but I guess there is a chance for everything to turn up well.

Of course, looking things up in google is not exactly a means of getting accuracy. If I were you, I’d call my gp and ask them every question I was able to think of. I’d take a list. In my case at least the things I imagine are almost always worse than the actual facts.

Take care, and good luck. I hope it will be nothing.

Hi Littlepetal,

I hope you are doing ok? Medical terminology can be a terrible thing in laymans hands, even with the 'help' of Dr Google. You are obviously worried, if I were you I would call either my GP or the clinic and ask them to explain to you what they are testing for. A 2 week wait is a very long time to sit and mull it over, but even so I doubt you will feel fully reassured until you get your biopsy results back and treatment booked in. I hope you get some reassurance and your treatment plan really soon x x x