Urgent referral for colposcopy

Hi I had my 1st smear 8 weeks ago and was told there was a 8 week turn around, got my results on the 4/7/17 with high grade (severe)  dyskaryosis, on the letter was symptoms of cervical cancer witch I have been experiencing for a few years but I put some of it down to stress of children and life, now I'm thinking it's not. On the 5/7/17 I recived my letter form the hospital with a urgent referral appointment for the 14/7/17 and in the bottom it says we advise you bring someone with you which made me panic i was not overly worried about the colposcopy but now I'm worried there is something to worry about.  I'm 27 and should of at a smear at 25 but I was pregnant and advised against having it done until he was born, then life took over and I only had it done as I needed a pill check up and it flashed that I was over due a smear 



they make it sound so so so much worse and scary. you will go for a colposocopy and usually teh advise to bring someone is they say not to drive if you have LLETZ same day (this is likely and takes 10mins) see my story below. I know urgent seems scary but its a good thing! they wil put your mind at ease at the appointment so ask away anything youre worried about :) 





Mine was also an urgent referral. I had smear snd lletz only 10days later!! I'm ok now :-) I know it really hard, but try & be positive. X