Urgent referral- anxious



im 30 and have just had a little girl who is now 14weeks old. My first smear at 25 came back as cin3 so I have a large amount of cells removed via the loop treatment and thankfully my follow up came back as clear (phew) despite thinking I would be put on a yearly check up as the hpv came back clear I was put on 3 yearly as normal. 


 I had my little one I had internal and external stitches which seem to of healed ok but sex since birth has been too painful to contemplat. We have tried it 3 times and all have been really uncomfortable and painful so along with other symptoms I decided to visit my doctor who did an internal and found polpys as well as worrying cells. I have been referred on an urgent 2week appointment and am due to go on Wednesday next week.


my symptoms include painful intercourse, bleeding afterwards, irregular bleeding, lower back pain almost constantly, anemia, 3 stone weight loss since I've had my daughter, period type pain without the period

im worrying not only what they will find. It what will happen on my first appointment. I have asked my mum to mind my daughter but am going alone and would just like some advice on what might happen.


any advice ladies please? 

Thank you :)