Urgent referal

Hi all,im 32 years old, iv been on the mini pill for 3 years, never had any problems or periods but 6 weeks ago i started bleeding, it started as (tmi) black stringey clots for 1st 2 weeks but has gradually got more heavy, i have pelvic pain, back pain and im losing weight, also extreme fatigue,i have a long history of problems going bk to 2003 and was only discharged from gyno last year, my gp ordered an ultrasound of womb and overies that came bk normal, bloods showed raised white cells and elevated inflammation(i also have rheumatoid arthritis and taking immunosuppresents) swabs were normal no std’s or infection(not been sexually active for 14months) but the nurse noted she couldnt see cervix (i have had 3 lots of surgery and unable to carry children now) so gp asked if she could look so i agreed, she took one look noted there was alot of blood and said she was doing an urgent referal to gyne, my appointment is the 17th of this month, a few things are worrying me, the 1st obv being could this be cervical cancer?! Something tells me that something is very wrong! The 2nd is i have been refered to a different hospital to the one i have been under for the past 11 years so this is worrying me, i have also got to go to a ward for my appointment but not sure why or what they will be doing as the letter has no info! The 3rd is if they want to do a colposcopy is this going to be possible with the heavy bleeding? Iv been having colposcopys for 11 years but have never been bleeding during one! Im also worried if they want to do biopsies as iv always been under general anesthetic for treatment/biopsys (iv had cin3 three times and cin3 on vaginal wall plus surface cancer cells which they used lletz) my last operation removed 10mm of my cervix and i was told if it ever came bk it would be a hysterectomy, iv tried to talk to my family about my worries but they just think im being silly! Would be grateful of any replies thanks all xx

Hi Jody

i am a similar age to you, and although my circumstances were completely different (I was diagnosed following first abnormal smear), its best that they are getting you in for treatment/biopsies as soon as possible. i have always found that the letters never say an awful lot. I really hope for you that it is nothing to worry about but I can understand your worries-in my case it was cervical cancer but a lot of things can mimic the same symptoms. I assume you had a cone biopsy before? i really hope it goes okay on the 17th, easy to say try not to worry but I am the worlds worst worrier so I understand. Whatever it is, they will deal with it the best way possible For you. Sophie xx

Thank you so much for the reply, i am a natural worrier to, i have alot of diff health problems and with me having severe RA i am more at risk of cancer/strokes etc and i know having a compromised immune system is a risk factor for CC, my pains have been horrendous some days and today the pain is in my hip to,i have had 2 cone biopsies plus lletz and laser, the first time they took 2mm of cervix, then 4mm and 10mm at the last as it was very wide spread and deep, i am very very lucky i already have 2 children but it took me a long while to accept that my choice to have more was taken away, sorry to hear about ur diagnosis, did they they get it all with ur surgery? Were your symptoms similar to mine? My last smear/colposcopy was july 2015 which was normal but cant help but wonder did they miss something or could it be possible i have the fast growing type thats not picked up on smears?! sordy for waffling on its just all going round in my head so much xx

Sorry for delay in replying, I've been on holiday! I never really had any symptoms to be honest- no bleeding but did have pain during sex, although they told me the cancer wasn't causing that. i was offered cone biopsy but I chose the more drastic option as although my tumour was small, it was aggressive. They got it all with surgery with clear margins- but they found one node with microinvolvement so I had to have the treatment.... Which has now made me infertile! So I had careful surgery to keep my ovaries but they are no longer working:-( I find it hard to deal with and I have my down days, but ultimatey my main priority is being alive. I guess we can't have it all. Have you gone in for tests or results yet and how are you getting on? Xx

I had a colposcopy and 4 biopsies last week and an ultrasound on tuesday, they said 4-6 weeks for results so im no closer to an answer, everytime the phone rings or postman comes im panicking! Just want to know whats going on now x

I won't say don't panic as I know that waiting feeling all too well. The only thing I have learned is no news is good news. I'm keeping everything crossed for you-let us know how you get on xx