Urgent ref for colposcopy before smear results

hey all, firstly thanks for reading. Two weeks ago  I went to GP because I'd been having constant bleeding for a couple of weeks and some clots.  I was put on Provera to stop the bleeding and an appt made for following week for a smear. 

I had smear Wednesday and GP said half my cervix is red raw and inflamed. She made an urgent ref for colposcopy. Much of what I've read are referrals after abnormal smears.  GP also took blood but in the daze I didn't ask what for.

Colposcopy is this Friday.  Have many others  had the colposcopy before smear results?  I am worried sick obviously as there is clearly something going on and it either CC or erosion.  But would a GP usually be able to tell the difference between the two?

Thanks for reading.