Urgent help please

A couple of weeks ago the GP said she could she a “cluster which looks like a large graze” on my cervix. This she could see with her own eyes. She was referring me to gynae urgently. The next day the hospital called me to go for scans of my pelvis, I had 3 different ones.
Today the GP called and said the scans showed a clear thickening of the womb and another urgent referral to gynae was being made again. I stated hrt in August and she also advised the immediate stopping of this, however I was led to believe stopping hrt should be a gradual process.
I’m going out of my mind with worry.
Has anyone else had this?
I did post last week but had no replies, so hoping to connect with others who may have similar as I need advice
Thanks ladies

Hello Dolphin
Sorry I can’t help you with what is happening too you but I wanted to comment to keep your post ‘bumped’ and hopefully someone will be along as and when with something relevant to say
Have you had any news of when your gynae referral is? I am not sure if you have tried mindfulness/meditation but it might be worth a go you can bring up guided meditation on YouTube x


Hi I can’t offer advice but I would say try and remember everyone’s experience is different despite if you have similar issues. With hindsight I’d have stayed off Google and waited for my appointment :rofl::see_no_evil: I had my colposcopy today and I’d based what the findings would be on what I’d read on dr google and came out with worst case scenario so was incredibly anxious heading into my appointment.

My smear nurse said I had an ectropian, nabothian cysts and a raised bumpy area that looked unusual. As it was it’s all fine thankfully and it’s just the ectropion and cysts contributing to the raised, bumpy area. I had however googled myself into a rediculous state. My advice- stay away from Google and take one appointment at a time, don’t worry about what’s not yet been confirmed (I wish I’d taken my own advice).

I hope you have answers soon and best of luck xx


Many thanks for your reply and thank you for bumping my post.
I’m told an urgent referral is 2 weeks, however as we are going into the holiday period I’m assuming it will now be in the new year.
It is worrying when my GP back in November gave me a sick note for “initially” up to 2nd week of January.

Yea Dr Google can be frightening, I tend to read only NHS and charity websites.
It’s a minefield and stress I could really do without at the moment :cry:
The unknown is more worrying, just wish I knew what I was dealing with.

Hopefully they can get you in quickly and you’ll be seen this side of Christmas. I really feel for you as the worry is excruciating.

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I think the worrying of not knowing is far worse than knowing what I will be dealing with. Least if I had facts I could deal with it. The GP just told me it’s down to the gynaecologist to give me a definite diagnosis.

Hi, so today I phoned the hospital as I’ve not heard back within the 2week urgent referral and I’m anxious of letter going missing in the post.
I was informed that despite an urgent referral from GP (a mass she could see with eyes on cervix), pelvic scans the next day and urgent referral from them (extreme thickened lining of womb) the urgent referral list is actually 9 weeks :person_shrugging::thinking:
I’ve barely eaten or slept this past fortnight, I can barely walk due to pelvic pain ( I do have other medical conditions), continually feeling sick, had to come off my hrt and my current sick note runs out well before the 9 week waiting list.
How do you all function when given news by 2 departments that you need seen urgently & a hospital that basically says “tough join the queue”?
I am due a breakdown if don’t get answers, and sleep, soon :cry:

Can you have them put you on a list for a cancellation appointment? I’m in the US so I’m not sure if they do that where you live or not.

Hi, yea I have asked to be put on the list. The worry of the unknown is such a stressful time.

Yes, it’s so hard waiting! The best thing I do it just distract myself as much as I can. I know it’s hard when you’re in pain though :frowning: I hope they get you scheduled for an appointment as soon as possible!