Urgent colposcopy

Hi Everyone,

I‘m Lucy, 30 years old.....

So, in early 2013 I attended my very first smear and my result were sever abnormalities (CIN3) which was treatment with LLETZ under GA.

6 Month FU smear was normal, 

3 year smear showed mild changes (because I was HPV negative a 3 year recall)

Since my LLETZ I have experienced several symptoms.... prolonged menstrual bleeding (up to 2 weeks), bleeding during and after intercourse, spotting in between periods, painful intercourse and brown discharge.

i visited my GP last year with these symptoms and she sent me for an ultra sound.

findings were uterine fibroid.....

put symptoms down to this and got carried away with planning my wedding etc so didn’t think much of the symptoms. Because i‘d been experiencing them for so long they became sort of normal for me.

after speaking with family and friends about my symptoms I finally visited GP last week who examined my cervix and has referred me for an urgent colposcopy because she said she saw ‘a patch of unusual looking cells on my cervix’ 

obviously now I’m really anxious and wondering if this could well be the scar tissue from treatment previously or if this could well be something that was missed???

just really worried.......

any advice would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance 

Lucy xxx

Hi Lucy until you have the colposcopy you cannot know what is causing your problems and sometimes although i hate to say this gps dont see that many normal let alone abnormal cervixes so he or she can't make a diagnosis so they have done the right thing referring you. Try and carry on as normal you sound like you are busy and take things one step at a time. Take care.

They may be abnormal cells on your cervix that she could have saw, but the urgent referral could have been because of your age and with the checkup she knew something was not right (not necessarily cancer)...It states in the guidelines of cervical cancer screening that woman over the age of 30 are sent right away for colposcopy if doctor sees something visable because of your age too...I looked that up because I am a 50 year old and got my appointment in 3 weeks when  I heard that sometimes it can be longer...The only difference with me is they waited for the pap test to come in which was 2 weeks after it was taken to refer me for colposcopy..What I feel is my doctor scheduled it right away to not take any chances