Urgent colposcopy results

I've been browsing on here for a few weeks and been thankful of all the reading. I just wanted to share my experience so you don't always think the worst!

I had my first smear test aged 28 on 12 March, I received a phonecall on 23rd March advising I had been referred to the hospital for an urgent colposcopy appointment on 2nd April. This was quite a shock and I wasn't told anything about my results, I assumed they were pretty bad as I had been referred so quickly. This was the longest wait I've ever had! I phoned my doctors and basically had to force my results as they wouldn't give me any more information, it was severe dyskiriosis and 'couldn't rule out CGIN'. 
2nd April I had my colposcopy, the actual procedure was fine, they carried out the lletz type thing and sent my biopsy away as urgent, an appointment was made for 14th April for my results whilst I was at the hospital. I asked what her opinion was whether it was cancer and she said 'I wouldn't put money either way, it's 50/50'. 
I had my appointment on 14th April and they confirmed there was no cancer, I had CIN2 and CIN3 but they were happy it had been removed and a normal smear test in 6 months for follow up. Literally never felt so relieved in all my life! So I guess moral of the story, even though I had an urgent referral and urgent biopsies sent away, it may not always be bad news! 

Thank you! Needed to read this today xxxx

Glad it was good news :) my story is exactly the same up until the results, luckily no cancer here either but need a repete lletz x