Urgent Colposcopy referal


Hoping for some advise. I'm posting on behalf of my girlfriend as we are both worried and searching the net brings up various answers.


shes 28 and has recently had her first smear test.


shes had a phone call from her GP saying she has been refered for an urgent colposcopy and not given anymore info.


shes also had had a letter from Thames valley primary care agency saying the same thing. Urgent


looking online it sounds like if you're refered in two weeks that it's severe. Is that the case?


shes naturally thinking it's the worst possible case. Is this quite normal for a woman who's had abnormal cells detected and does it just mean that they are more likely to develop Into cancer than moderate?


thanks in advance

Hey, i am 27 and that was my first smear. 

I was referred very quickly. 

Not because it was/is the big C word, but if is high grade changes, which mine was, they like to get you in quickly. 

Did ur letter not say what the changes were?! 

Mine said Hugg grade dyskaryosis! 

I went for a colposcopy and had loop excision treatment, there and then. 

Feek free to message me, if u want a chat. 

Im now waiting for the results of biopsy, 15 days in now. thats the worst past, 

trying not to worry. 


Roxi x

Opps, that's meant to say 

high grade dyskaryosis 

Hi thanks for the reply


the letter just said urgent appointment and didnt mention what the results were.


did you get a call or just a letter?

If you google NICE Guidlines for cervical cancer. You will see that if there is ANY chance of cancer a referral must be made in 2 weeks. This is pretty standard for all cancers. Go to the gp with s breast lump and you willbe seen in 2 weeks.


So, yes you have a quick urgent referral. But don't jump to too many conclusions just yet! there have been a lot of ladies on here with urgent referrals who have not had cancer. The colposcopy itself is nothing to worry about as a procedure. Having said that, I 'knew' from my gp's reaction and that waiting for the colp appointment was the worst week of my life. Fingers crossed for s good outcome. 

Ignore this if you know it already but this is kind of how it wirks. Abnormal changes are numbered 1,2,3. 3 being the most abnormal and the nearest to turning into cancer. This process from 1 to 3 can take 10 years so it is by no means quick!! 

If the smear test found CIN3 then it is urgent because it is the most severe but also because there may be the start of cancer. It's impossiblr to tell if the cell taken at the smear are the worst or the best if that makes sense. If there's a 3 result that could be the worst or it could be the best. therefore they gave to get you in quick. If it was 1 or 2 found they can take more time as it usually is so slow changing. Hope that makes sense? Feel free to message me if it helps. 

Ok thanks that's more clear 

I had a smear on 18tj feb, had letter on 6th March saying high grade dyskaryosis, and to wait for another letter to go to hospital. 

Abother letter on 12th March, to say to go to hospital on 13th (next day) for colposcopy and possible treaTMent.

i did also have treatment there and then at the appointmen. 

Bit more info today. Spoke to the doctor and have been told it's high grade dyskaryosis. They explained this can go either way. Down to mild or low or up to cin1,2 and 3 grading.

At least I think that's how I understand it


Worst case what happens if it's CIN3?

Hi Jgiraffe,

I have CIN 3 (the very high end of it). I had the colposcopy 6 weeks ago. I had the LLETZ treatment done there and then (to remove the abnormal cells). I was told that if all clear, I would get a letter to come back in 6 months. I did get a letter, but it was to come back in 3 weeks. Yesterday was my appointment. I was told that the margins of the LLETZ were not clear. This means that they did not get it all. Basically when they remove the cells....say its a circle, well all the outer area has to have no abnormal cells. My abnormal cells went all the way to the edge, hence the unclear margins. Her advice was to have another LLETZ. She did the colposcopy (to have a closer look). She decided as I was not fully healed after the last LLETZ, it may effect the results, so she has put me down for 6 weeks time. She told me that if this is not treated within the next 6 months, it is going to turn into cancer. She also adviced me against any pregnanices in the near future (I am 35 with no children). While on that subject, having one LLETZ does not increase your chances of miscarraige, but it does increase your chances of a premature birth. If preganant in the future, you need to let them know that you have previously had a LLETZ.

I hope the above is of help.



Hi Jgiraffe,




To reassure both you and your girlfriend, I received smear test results of a high grade abnormality and an urgent colposcopy referral last month and after having LLETZ treatment under local anaesthetic to remove the abnormal cells, I have received results to say the abnormal cells were effectively treated and confirmed as only CIN 2.




It’s extremely difficult not to think negatively/ worst case scenario as I did. Have you got a date for the colposcopy yet? Please message me if you have any questions that I may be able to help you with given that I received the exact same letter and smear results as your girlfriend only last month. It’s all very fresh in my mind…..






Thank you very much for the replies.

the colposcopy is on Thursday

The fact yours went down from CIN3 to CIN2 does that mean it needs further treatment?


thanks again 


Hi! I don't require any further treatment as the CIN2 cells were effectively treated with the LLETZ so I just need a smear in 6 months to check it has returned to normal again. In all of the NHS literature I received, treatment is over 95% effective. 

She has just had her lletz treatment. They said its beeing sent off for a biopsy and will hear back a week tuesday.


Said that its 50/50 if it is cancer. Im guessing that a standard thing to say unless they are 110% sure that it is not an issue?

Hi Jgiraffe. I wish doctors wouldnt say anything like that until the test results. When i had my LLETZ done she told me she got all the abnormal cells and even if she didnt, i defo wouldnt have a second LLETZ (no idea why). I would get a letter to come back in 6 months. I got a letter to come back in 3 weeks for another colposcopy. Saw doctor this time (was nurse 1st time). Was told they didnt get it all, i have CGIN as well as CIN3) and the best treatment is to go for another LLETZ! So i wouldnt pay too much attention to what they say until the results are back.