Urgent Biopsy results?

Hi All

I am going out of my mind with worry waiting for my biopsy results when I had the coloscopy last wednesday (08/02/16) the doctor said he was very concerned about some severe pre cancer cells and another area which may have already progressed further than that. He said he was going to mark my biopsy as urgent and I should here from him in 1-10 days. I have called the coloscopy clinic this morning and they said my results are not back yet. Has anyone else had a biopsy treated as urgent and how long did you have to wait for results? Any advice would be great the waiting is driving me crazy x

Hiya Lucy

I had my colposcopy on the Thursday and results were given to me on the Saturday after being marked urgent. Try and keep yourself calm,I know its easier said than done. keep popping in here as there are loads of ladies that will keep you sane xx


Hi Lucy, 

Hope you're doing okay. It is a truely worrying time and I can fully identify with how you're feeling. 

I'm 27 so this all came as a bit of a shock..

After my Colposcopy (during which I had LLETZ treatment) I had been advised that I probably/hopefully wouldn't need to return for 6 months so I was pretty calm Over the whole situation. The nurse was a little worried and marked it as urgent but I still felt at ease. But then two weeks after (Monday last week) received a letter asking me to go in on the Friday to discuss my results. I was about to go on holiday at this point. I rang the hospital for some more information to ease my mind but they couldn't tell me anything due to hospital policy, except for 'try not to worry'...

Anyway, I don't know if this helps at all.. but I went in last Friday thinking the absolute worst but found out that I did have very early cancer cells in my endocervix (CGIN result) and during the biopsy they found that surrounding the affected cells were healthy ones. The hospital discuss all results every week as a group and decided they were confident that the affected cancer cells had been removed during the LLETZ procedure. I took this news quite positively as before I went in I had managed to convince myself of the worst outcome possible... which we all do. The waiting game is the worst part of this process. I tried to convince myself that there was no point worrying over something I didn't know yet, and that worrying wouldn't change the results, it wasn't always the easiest copying method but I did manage to forget occasionally...

Just remember that its the best thing that it's being sorted now, you are in the best hands and as soon as those results come through there won't be any messing around. They will arrange to see you ASAP if anything needs to be done and there is so much support out there. This forum has helped me so much, and the more friends/family I discuss this with, the more people I find that are going through or have been through exactly the same thing. Which really does help!

sorry I've gone on a bit, I just want you to know you're not alone....and p.s I'm still in an anxiety spiral even after results!

i hope everything goes well for you xxx





Thank you both for you replys, I still havent heard anything been 8 working days now so gonna be a long weekend. Going to ring the hospital on monday see if they are back. I am trying to convince myself that no news is good news at the moment to stop me driving myself mad lol

It's so hard waiting isn't it! I've found myself endlessly searching other people's results whilst waiting for my own! I hope you get your results back soon to ease the waiting game pain! X

I had biopsys done on friday 11th, and an MRI yesterday. Iultrasound has shown up something 5x4x3cm on my cervix but they are unsure what. There was too much bleeding during the colyoscopy to see. Anxiously waiting the results, have no idea how long I will be waiting.