'Urgent' biopsy, or just convenient?



Where do I start?? 49 year old Mum of one with normal smears all my life, including last one 2014.


Diagnosed with a bladder prolapse May 2014 and an ectropion noticed at same time. GP not concerned as smear was normal and have been on pill for most of my adult life. 


I was fitted with a bladder pessary and referred to gynae to discuss further options. Sep 2014 saw gynae who noted ectropion but did not discuss any further investigation. Saw gynae for follow up in May 2015 who again noted ectropion and that bladder pessary was not staying in place. She advised she would refer me to a colleague to see if they could find something that was a better fit!!


Have had spot bleeding following sex all this time, along with a period of more heavy bleeding a few weeks back. I do not have normal periods due to being on Cerazette for 9 years.


So I was rather surprised to receive an appointment for urodynamics tests, but just thought they needed to be done before new pessary was fitted. This was two days ago. I turned up to be greeted by the nurse who didn't really seem to think I needed the tests, explained I was confused too!! She offered to examine me anyway after noting blood in my urine. She removed my pessary and saw the ectropion. Next thing I know I was being whisked in to have a colposcopy after she'd chatted to her colleague!! No one has ever suggested a colposcopy, GP or gynae consultant. I was getting rather concerned, especially when I was asked if they could take a biopsy. 


So, I was sent away to await the results after having a little wobbler about how worried I was about this development. She explained that she had seen nothing to suggest anything other than an ectropion and that she would mark as urgent as I was so worried. She was also reassured by my normal smear last year. Advised it was normal procedure before deciding treatment for the ectropion.


So really it's mainly the manner in which this happened that's making me worried. If it had been a scheduled colposcopy then I don't think I would be panicking quite so much!! Does anyone have any advice or been in a similar situation please? MTIA