Urgent appointment after 2 years screening

I had my 1st smear 2 years ago and it came back abnormal. Was seen in colposcopy had biopsy and diagnosed CIN2 decided to watch and see any changes with 6 monthly appointments. All of which have looked clearer than the last. Had most recent check up 2 weeks ago and have been called in for urgent appointment on Friday. I have been feeling really run down and have noticed some changes recently down there am I worrying unnecessarily or would you be concerned? Am freaking out and honestly scared sh*tless. I don't want to say anything to my bf and worry him for no reason. 

My understanding is that it takes a long time for these abnormal cells to turn to cancer so although you may now need a procedure and it may be cin3 etc since it's been such a short time since youre last smear and check in it is unlikely to be anything too serious it's just about getting it sorted asap 


good luck!! Sending my prayers 

Are you in the US or UK? I'm in the US and they called and made me come in same day. Turned out the doctor just wanted to discuss the colposcopy biopsy results in person so I could ask questions and set up outside referral for LEEP. So the "urgent" thing could just be "we want to discuss in person" not the worst case scenarios you are probably imaginging. My doctor was going on vacation for a bit so she wanted to make sure i was taken care of in the meantime. She insisted that I get the LEEP set up in the next week and no later. The seeming urgency of events did scare me quite a lot. i thought maybe they weren't telling me something. But it's better that the doctor take you seriously than treat you in a dismissive manner. They sometimes do that and the consequences can be dire. In my case, I had the LEEP and the results showed only CIN3 and clear margins. Not the full blown invasive cancer that I imagined from the urgency of their tone. So, it is probably ok. Relax a bit if possible. 

i would imagine its just developed into CIN3 and nows time to have LLETZ and they ususally get you in within a week to do that so take it as a good thing youre being seen quickly and not worry  :)