Urgent 2 week referral appointment tomorrow

Hi ladies


i have my appointment tomorrow for my urgent 2 week appointment and I wondered what I might expect. Are they likely to do anything tomorrow or just examine?


any advice appreciated 


thank you ☺️

Hi there 

my first appointment I was asked several questions like my past medical history , family medical history , previous pregnancies ,  did I have normal childbirth deliveries , relationship status and medicines I was taking .  I was asked about my symptoms what they were , how long I'd had them for .  The consultant asked if I knew why I was there . 

After his initial assessment he gave me an internal examination with the nurse present from there he refered me to other departments for other tests such as blood tests ,ultra sound  Ect... It was all very quick appointments were all over a very short space of time. 

Hope you get on OK , 

take care 



Hi Worried waiter- how did it go? I am too a worried waiter and in the same boat xxxx