Urethra scaring

My last MR I showed that I have some scar tissue on 1 urethra caused by the radiotherapy. It’s causing my right kidney not to drain properly and was going to be discussed at this week’s MDT.

I’m waiting to hear back from onc/ cns what their decision was but just wondered if anyone has experience of this and what was done about it.

Thanks in advance xx

Hi Erin :-)

Not my sphere really but just loathe to see questions go unanswered so to the best of my understanding I think this gets fixed with a stent.

Let us know how you get on and what happens.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Erin, how is everything with you? I hope you're doing fine. Please, can you share what happened with your urethra problem? I truly wish you it to be cleared by now, or may be you have a stent fitted? Waiting forward to you response. I wish you all the best and may the cc and c....r words stay in the past for you!