Upset Stomach & HRT problems

Hello Ladies,

Has anyone been suffering with stomach cramps, lower back pain, bloating or a trapped wind feeling after chemoradiation?  It has been nearly 4 months since I completed the treatment but my stomach is constantly in knots! Also I was taking Permpak C HRT but been told to have a break as this could be the cause my doctors are pretty useless I just wanted to know if anybody else has had this problem? 


Thank u xx

Hi. Yep, I have spasms just above my belly button on my right side and I finished my radio on November. Have just started taking buscopan and it seems to be easing it! Of course the nasty mr cancer head had me believe it was back but I had a check up last week, and all ok! H xxx

Thank u H !

Mine r like a severe period cramp I'm trying to contact my consultants again not the easiest task. Will try Buscopan.  Yeah I must admit I don't worry or stress often but this has got me thinking all sorts xx