Upper backache

Hi all,

just wondered if anyone else has had or experienced upper backache

after  a Radical Hysterctomy, Im 9 months post op!

I'm being sent for an X.ray and as usual worrying.


Hi Else,

Try not to worry yourself too much sweetheart. I know that once we have received a cancer diagnosis we are all petrified that any ache or pain is a recurrence, but that is very rarely the case. The body takes ages to settle down after a rad hyst and you may well find that your backache is down to posture because your back is still trying to protect your abdomen.

Let us know how the X-ray goes, and Good Luck!



Hi Else,

I had a lot of bachache due to my posture becoming pretty crappy after the op and carrying myself badly. The surgery really messes with your core and it takes a bit of work to get it back sometimes. After physio and a lot of glute bridges I'm getting back to normal but I could barely even cough 8 months after the op and had been really hunched over for all of that time.

Good luck with the x-ray :)



Thanks to both of you for your replies, to be honest I do have a bad posture and tend to slouch a lot, perhaps this is the reason

for my backache (hopefully) will keep you posted,  :-) X

Hi, back Xray was clear, thank goodness, I need to book apt with Dr but I think I may need to do some back exercises to strengthen it xX