Well my daughter is in week two completed of radical radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Starting week three on Monday. I am just amazed at how she is at the moment.  We are both waiting for her to drop with the expected tiredness. But I have told her,  everyone is different.  She believed she would need immodium for the runs, but she takes cocodsmol for pain and senokot for constipation. I really hope this continues. 

Hi Carole :-)

Just thrilled to hear from you again! I have been wondering how you and Nicky were faring and your silence had me worried. Just so, so pleased to hear that Nicky is coping so well with her treatment. This is excellent news!

I take it you are aware of the new 'members only' sections of the forum? I imagine that they will be of tremendous help to you and Nicky both. Though obviously those of us who aren't permitted membership would still love to hear updates on your news.

Huge hugs to all the family



Well done her, and well done you for being there for her.  Let's hope she continues the way she is.