Hi ladies me again just an update....my second smear came back as borderline with hpv...went to colposcopy had 2 biopsys taken....results came back as CIN2 so was booked in for lletz treatment yesterday!....went to my appointment very nervous although my consultant is a lovely man....he decided against lletz as the abnormal area had been mostly removed with the punch biopsys so I had a less invasive treatment called cold coagulation (bit of a funny name as there is nothing cold about it...it burns away the abnormal tissue)....anyway he was more than confident that the area was fully removed and he has discharged me back to my GP for a smear in 6 months....yipee!!! 

 Thanks to all you lovely ladies who have given me advice and support thru what was quite a traumatic time for me...worrying...sleepless nights...etc....this is such a good forum and I will certainly be sticking around to help others going through the same :) xxx

Hey Anxietygirl

Well done for getting through it. Thank you for posting to show that it is really not as bad as we build it up to be in our heads


Yay!!! So pleased to hear it's all gone ok for you x x x