Firstly- what a huge disappointment the new forum is!
The old forum has been moved but all posts are closed so we can't respond to or continue our conversations, everything is split up into different sections now- sometimes there will be overlaps in our questions and this leaves me unsure where to post ceratin things- particularly as I had already begun conversations with several people here. 
I do understand it's easier to have the division of subject but it wouldbe noice to be able to continue/finish the discussions we've already started.

I was diagnised on Friday (the day the forum closed- lucky me)
I'm still processing everything.
I'm so so angry at my consultant- she's rude and patronising and things are difficult enough without having to deal with her (I've gone from her rolling her eyes at me telling "you don't have cancer" like i'm some hypochondriact to her calling me back in to tell me i DO have cancer. add that to her attitude and the way she always keeps me waiting 15-20 after my appointment time along with everything else and you have one very unhappy cupcake!)

I was told i would have an appointment at UCH tomorrow (tuesday) my partner is a teacher so time off work is very difficult but he managed to get the day off.
I called today as i hadn't been given a time slot- only to be told there is no space and that my appointment will now be on thursday.

Im so sick of being patrinised and treated like a number- I understand that they see this every day- but I don't, I'm a person (a very very scared person) I have feelings and needs and i'm just being messed around :(
as if being told you have cancer wasn't enough to deal with.

Sorry for the rant :\

I'm so sorry that you got bad news, I hope that this site gets back to normal soon and people start posting and replying again, so you can get some advice and reassurance from those that have been there. Good luck at your appointment I hope it goes as well as it can for you. I don't blame you for being angry and scared they don't seem to realise that a day is like a week when you're worried. Take care x x

I am really sorry you've had to go through this extra stress. I had a horrible experience too and like you it was difficult enough dealing with a cancer diagnosis without the consultants being so inhumane.

It's going to take us all a while to get used to this new forum....sighs....hopefully it will be a good thing. 

 Even after treatment I'm still angry at the way I've been treated throughout my whole experience. I really hope your consultant deals with you more sensitively now that you've been diagnosed. I wouldn't expect them to be supportive and kind but human is surely not too much to ask.

Hope you get your treatment soon 

Liane X


Hi miss cupcake,
So sorry this has happened and I understand how you will be feeling although my situation has been handled so much more sensitively. Just wanted to give you a big hug at this stage and say im here if you need to chat. Are you booked for an Mri? Xx

Hi Miss Cupcake

I'm so sorry to hear that you have recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer. I know that this must be a very difficult time for you. I know that the ladies (and gents) in our community will be here to offer you the support you need throughout your journey.

I also appreciate that for those who have been very recently diagnosed, the timing of the forum change has not been ideal and I'm sorry to hear that you are disappointed with it. Please be reassured that we had much consultation with our community prior to the change to ask what they would like from the new forum and we have very closely followed their requests. It will take everyone a little time to get used to the new layout and, if you see my post in the forum protocols section, we will be moving some of the previous posts into the relevent categories so that you will be able to continue some of the more recent conversations but, as we are a small team, this will take some time.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Best wishes


Hi Miss Cupcake

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, it is worrying when you get called in with only a few days notice.  I saw your original post and had all my fingers crossed that it was to discuss further treatment and not bad news.

While you probably dreaded and feared the diagnosis it will still have been a shock.  I was told at my colposcopy that everything looked fine and only exteremely rarely does anyone actually get diagnosed with cancer.  They were wrong in my case too.

It's such a shame that your consultant is not being very supportive at such a difficult time for you.  Did you get given details of your oncology nurse at your appointment?  If not, it may be worth finding that information out. My gynaeoncology nurses have been absolutely fantastic and I have used them a lot for advice and support.  They have attended some of my hospital appointments with me and even visited me in hospital after surgery, so may be able to help where your consultant is lacking...

This forum is absolutely fantastic for support and advice or even for just sharing your worries with people who really understand what you're going through.  I know it will take a bit of time to get used to the look and feel of the new forum but please bear with it - it's really helped me through some tough times.

Do you know the next steps for you?  Do you have an MRI or other scans booked?  It is a worrying time but I hope you know more information and have a treatment plan soon.  Waiting is the hardest part as you've undoubtedly already discovered!  But with support from the forum and family and friends you will get through this.

Wishing you all the best 

Kirsty xxx




Hi misscupcake

((Hugs)) to you on your diagnosis and bad experience with doctor. 

My inevitable hysterectomy was confirmed today  because of  failed lletz (too far up) and cin 3  but thankfully  not yet cc..

I have had wonderful gynae and support staff  so far but i have to say the hospital clinic is bad joke. I am 47 years old with 2 fab children today sitting in a waiting room for 1.5 hours  with joyful couples being presented with scan fotos. I suspected my fate and would have been devastated had I not already had my family.

I rate myself as being very lucky so far and smears are so important which i had just put up  with as routine.

Agree with you about not being sure where to post this  xx

Wishing you all the best x

Kath x

Hi Cupcake, 

Sorry to hear you got bad news. We all understand how you're feeling. I'd second Kirsty above and say you need to get in touch with an Oncology/MacMillan nurse, I've leaned on these angels lots and they act as a go-between for you and your consultant.

In my case, once I was diagnosed, I got referred to a new consultant so you might not be stuck with the nasty one. Try to be assertive, think of questions before appointments (when you'll have a more clear head ) then take a list and ask them all at your appointment, don't leave until you have the answers you need - or a commitment to get the answers to you.

You should expect to have a scan, bloods  and maybe X-rays too now to stage the cancer, this staging helps decide what treatment is most suitable for you - cancer doesn't always mean chemotherapy, some lucky ladies are spared this. if you've not already got these tests booked, ask when this will be done as you don't want them to delay anything. 


I know its a really scary time, but you will get through this. Don't be afraid to demand a better service from your Consultant, you are right to! 


Im really sorry that the Forum was down whn you most needed it too, and it's a little tricky to get the hang of the new set-up, but like Rebecca said, it is for the good of all the Users, and there is never a right time to make the changes. As you go through your treatment, you'll be glad not to have to see post for girls scared of going for smears, or terrified of having CIN 1 when you're going through a much tougher diagnosis. The changes will be for the best in the long run, but I appreciate how tough you're finding it all right now ;(


We're all here for you.


Big hugs.


Lisa x x x x 

Kath- My boyfriend and I have just recently moved into our first home and were making wedding plans for next year with hopes of then starting a family. From what I've been told by my consultant so far- which has been very little besides the fact that I definitely have cancer, I should pretty much give up all hope of having children of my own.

So yes, you're right, you are very lucky.

Thanks everyone for your replies.

So far I've had blood tests and a ct scan.

They were worried about my blood as I had been feeling very light headed but I finally got around to buying a carbon monoxide alarm this weekend which started beeping as soon as the heating came on- so the light-headedness was probably due to the boiler trying to kill me! (starting to feel like I'm in a Final Destination movie..)

i was staring at the ct screen trying to see anything weird but didn't know what I was looking for :/

whats an MRI for? Any idea why they didn't give me one?


Rebecca- thanks for the reply, I agree there's never a "good" time- I think my sarcasm probably came off harsher than intended because the rest of my post was such a rant! Also, just so you know, the new site is not properly formatted for mobile and is slow.

Lisa- I wouldn't mind the scared cn1 newbies, now I have a bigger understanding so could possibly help them like I was helped when I was new. 

Andrea- glad you found me again. How are you feeling now?