Hello to you all again, I hope this post finds you well, strong and fighting fit.

As some of you know my situation, here's a brief update: No symptoms. 

Invited for a Routine smear - "Borderline changes", colposcopy showed zilch so biopsy taken.

Cervical Cancer diagnosed about one month ago. They "provisionally" thought it was very early.

I have sped through the system thankfully.

Had blood tests Pelvic MRI, EUA - and thankfully they have not changed their initial diagnosis. Doctor spoke to me after EUA and said bladder completely normal, tumour seen and it's early - big sigh.


Had the PET scan yesterday and we hope that this will be the final confirmation that all is exactly as they thought. So fingers X.


Meeting with Doc on the 4th of November and will find out about the PET as we know the results of everything else.


Radical Hysterectomy is on the cards. Radiation provisionaly discussed but I think that will be determined by the results of the PET.


Was told again how lucky I was and the reason.


Women in Ireland invited for smears every 3 years up to age 45, after that it's every 5 years.

I received my invitiation the week before my 45th birthday. Had I not attended then I would have been unaware until I became symptomatic.


I am not home free yet and I appreciate that. The PET is the final piece of the puzzle but am remaining as confident as possible after speaking to Doc after EUA (which I had the day before the PET), he is confident and you know they don't sugar coat anything.


The last few weeks have been truly traumatic and my heart goes out to anyone in the same situation. I pray that this scan will be clear, I will pray that you all come through this.


Thanks for your support.





Hi, can I just say that your attitude to all of this is amazing, and you are an inspiration to us all, the way you are tackling all of this is such a positive manner is very humbling.  I truely wish you well and hope all your tests are as negative as they can be.  I am a similar age to you and currently awaiting biopsy results so will keep my fingers crossed for both of us.

Hi Ladybee, thank you so much for you very kind words. Like you and all here, I was completely floored by my diagnosis and my attitude is as a direct result of visiting this site. There are truly amazing women here - I never doubted we were the stronger sex (lol), now I know it for sure.

How long are you waiting? My biopsy results were given to me by phone call within 4 days. So if you have been waiting for a week or two then it could be the case (though I cannot be sure of course) then chances are that things could be ok. So don't despair. A positive attitude is a must. Deal with the facts as you know them and not your worst fears ok? 

My attitude may seem great, but trust me, this is a rollercoaster, you are up, down, and all round!! Een thoug I am waiting for the PET results I am dealing with what I know and what I am told - so it's ok to hope and it's ok to be sad, angry, tired and emotional. Allow yourself to be. That is all you can be. 


I really hope you have good results. I will keep you in my prayers.






Hi again. I had my biopsy just over a week ago. They told me results are back in 6 weeks time. I did ask if hadn't heard sooner did that mean it wouldn't be bad news. She said unfortunately not as they had a back log and was due to where you live. I live in a very big city. So is just a case of trying to forget about it, yet dread but also hope for a letter in the post. 

i I think the thing that upsets me most is that I'm on my own as have no family close by and no one to attend appointments with me, so for me this site is a life line. Xx