Hello everyone 

thank you so much to everyone for replying to my last post , your positivity certainly helps. My appointment went well , consultant has no concerns right now , he did an internal and had a look up there !! Said all looks fine ....  so I see him again in 6 months .  I really can not believe how far I have come since my recurrence , my last consultant was so negative and he has no idea what his words have done to me but onwards and upwards and I need to concentrate on positivity and making the most of life . 

I would like to add that recurrence to the ovary is extremely rare , at the time of the recurrence My medical team were struggling as to if this was actually cervical cancer recurrence or a new cancer to the ovary however it was decided / established it was recurrence of my cervical cancer , saying this my GP at my surgery tells me recurrent cervical cancer to the ovary " is impossible " !! 

anyway take care everyone 


Really pleased to hear this, I had been wondering how you got on and hoping all went well. You can relax again for 6 months x