Update: Trach results on Tues, v nervous, advice? X

Hi everyone,
Hope you’re all well. :slight_smile:
I’m 18 days post radical trachelectomy and feeling physically fine. Was in a lot of discomfort for the first week and slept all the time but every day I feel closer to 'normal, I have been out for walks, to the movies, for lunch. If I run across the road it doesn’t feel great but that won’t last forever. Am still bleeding daily. Peeing is still a bit weird but not worried about that yet, I’ve heard it can take a few weeks to resolve itself. Libido so far is very much intact, I hope that stays, although I know there is no intercourse for 6 weeks I don’t ‘feel’ that different so I look forward to being able to resume :slight_smile:
All in all, so far the trach isn’t actually that bad and certainly has not so far proven to be anything to be afraid of, for anyone out there who is faced with having one, DO NOT WORRY, it’s really ok as long as you have good support and help around you during recovery. I had my surgery laparascopically so I just have 4 small scars in the shape of a compass, the top one being in my belly button. When they heal properly I think they’re going to look quite cool.
After surgery, my consultant/surgeon told me that it all went very well, lymph nodes were clear when they sampled them in theatre during the op. He even showed me some pics of how I look inside now and a pic of my cervix on a table!! It was weird and cool to see it, he showed it to me to show me that the thing that was causing me all the bother was gone from my body, to give me closure on it. He told ne we’re not out of the woods yet, we still need to ensure that I don’t get stenosis. He did not think it necessary to put a cerclage in at this time, I don’t really know what is going on in there at the moment. I will ask him on Tuesday.
This is the thing I am nervous about. What if the results come back saying I need chemoradiation. Apparently I was 1b1 adenocarcinoma with LVSI. The tumour was not visible on MRI or PET so was microscopic. Has anyone else had experience of having to have more treatment post-op? Did you know before the op that you’d have to have it or was it recommended after they examined the tissue? I am hopeful that the trach will have been enough but I do not want to get my hopes up, if you get my drift.
Thanks for reading.
Any thoughts/insights gratefully received.

Hi Maeve :slight_smile:

After I had recovered from a full radical hysterectomy and was still coming to terms with the horribleness of a vertical scar right up my abdomen, I was then told I would have to have chemo-rads and brachy to boot. In fact it was really not so bad. Do not worry yourself about it. One step at a time, cross that bridge when (if) you come to it, all of that stuff. You can’t live your whole life what-iffing about the future, so now is the time to practice sitting back, letting go and seeing what happens. You’ll find it’s really not so bad :slight_smile:

Be lucky :slight_smile:

Hi Maeve, great to read you have clear nodes!! Congrats!! How big was your tumor if i may ask?