Update: Starting Radiation

Hi all !

I finished my six week chemo/immunotherapy treatments on April 1st :raised_hands: I’m now doing maintenance immunotherapy treatments every 3-6 weeks, and I start radiation on Tuesday - which I’m really scared about.

If anyone could share their experiences with radiation - short and long term side effects, how it feels, if anything went wrong, any advice - I’d be really grateful !

Thank you lovelies, I hope you’re all doing well !! :two_hearts:

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Hi @lallaland

Ive just finished my 5 chemo sessions week. Ive had 22 radiotherapy sessions with 11 to go. Chemo i did really well on. No sickness or anything. Radiotherapy i am really fatigued but no bad side effects. Have had slight changes in terms of bowels but only had to take medication a handful of times to ease it. Drink plenty of water. Im drinking about 6 litres per day xx



Thank you so much ! That’s really helpful. I did well with chemo too, I’m just so worried about the radiation hitting places it’s not supposed to (bladder, bowels, etc) and having lifelong side effects :persevere:

I’m glad you’ve been handling it so well ! How much longer do you have left with all of your treatments ? And are you doing brachytherapy ?

Hi @lallaland

So i have 2 more weeks of radiotherapy left. I had a hysterectomy in feb as they thought surgery was going to be sufficient but it had spread to 2 lymph nodes so was upgraded to 3c1. They removed all visible tumour but one area was only 1mm clear margin. This area is too far up for brachy to reach so instead of brachy im getting 8 extra radiotherapy sessions. I was so worried also about longterm effects but those worries are going now. Have you had your planning scan yet for the radiotherapy? X