Update! So confused!!!!!

So I went for my colposcopy today, was a complete fail he couldn't get the 'duck' in so have got to go under general anaesthetic :-/. and a camera through My belly button to investigate 

why its so painful.

This is my concern/confusion. I had the lletz loop in June after smear CIN 3. When I asked the consultation why it has come back again, his answer: I didn't take it all out last time.

WHAT?! Why didn't he? I've had CIN coming back for 6 years now, surely they should be taking it all out every time? I've had a clear smear since the treatment in June so why didn't it show up then but has now!? 

Im going out of my mind now and thought waiting 10 days over xmas was enough to push me over the edge. Now I have to wait and go under and then wait again for the results :(