As i have been posting about my colposcopy well finaly got some news they done a few biopsey 6 in total well got a letter today to tell me i have to go for lletz and a pelvic scan.. just said a MDT was held and this is the out come.. I called my own GP who said the information he has is that from the 5th of smear to 22nd of colposcopy itsgone from high grade to server ...so just a waiting game again for appointments and results xx


Has anybody else been through the same thing??



Hi Joni,

I think most people here have gone through the same thing. This does go to prove how much more thorough a biopsy is than a simple pap smear.

Good luck!


I do agree Tivoli, I am worried going for the lletz due to what the results might hold and having to go for a scan but after being on here and getting advise it has helped me realize  going for the test is so important and gives everybody a solid fighting chance,,, If anything is found there on it..

I have seen in most case's i may be wrong but the lletz is that when if there is any cc there can see it straight away... is it better that a colposcopy...






I would like to know this too. I have been told I need large Lletz under GA due to how wide accross my cervix the abnormal cells are. I think they will then test this for CC? I could be wrong but thats the gist I am getting.

Could anyone please advice?



That's right Jodie, whenever they cut a bit off you they send it to the lab for testing.

Be lucky