Update/results of colposcopy (good news)

Hi There

Quick update of my situ: - I Went for a coil fitting and had a smear at the same time (18 months late), erosion was also seen - result was high grade dyskariosis. I then had a colposcopy (3 weeks ago) and biopsies, during the procedure I bled heavily and the consultant informed me the erosion was large and ulcerated so I was given 2 lots of heavy anitbiotics and told to make an appointment in 3 weeks time where I may need further biopsies :-(

Well after much worrying and stress I went along today to my appointment and the consultant told me the results confirmed that mild and moderate (CIN1 and CIN2) cells had been detected (phew!!!) she didn't mention me having any more biopsies thank goodness. She said that because I had bled heavily when the biopsies were taken she would perform a loop under GA. Apparently I need a large area removing too as the cells (although small areas) are around the outside of my cervix whereas normally they are towards the middle...she told me it wasnt something she did very often but would hate to give me a local and then put me through the trauma of stitches if I bled again! She also told me that they could widen the 'area' to make it easy to remove without making me go through the discomfort. She was wonderful! She didnt have an free space until end of Oct, but she is going to try and get me in on the 9th Oct so I don't sit worrying for the next 6 weeks (I think she must have remembered the quivering wreck I was at the colposcopy!) She said she would remove the coil at the same time and that she would put another in 8 weeks after treatment to give me a chance to heal and for everything to go back to normal. I have seen other ladies on here say that they had their coils removed and replaced at the same time..........to be honest I don't mind the wait as I doubt I will be in the mood for a long time (he he), but maybe she was just being ultra conscious and professional about it all?

Anyway I can't begin to express the relief I feel, I know I still have to go through the loop and then wait for results following that........and I know I will probably worry until they confirm its all gone :-( but for the first time in weeks I feel almost 'normal' again and the stress bubble in my tummy has subsided.

I just wanted to pass on this update to other ladies who may be going through something similar, in the hope that it helps.

Thanks, Jac xx

Great news Hun! 

Bet that's a weight off your mind for now.



Ps I also have a mirena coil but am unsure what will be happening with it yet! 


Hi Johanna

I really do feel like a weight has been lifted....however am sure that when the treatment comes closer I will probably start to feel scared again! I had a copper coil fitted but the consultant recommended that I had the mirena as the 2 periods I have had since it was fitted have been absolutely monstrous! But I was reluctant initially because of the hormone....she said its a tiny amount. How have you been on it? Has the hormone effected you?

I hope your feeling better, I have read your posts and really feel for you.....hope you get your appointment soon....xx

Thanks Hun, back to the waiting game! We all seem to spend all of our time waiting rather than doing iv seen! Iv decided not to bother torturing myself with what surgery they will recommend and just wait it out. 

Mad for the mirena coil It has been the only contraception that has worked for me. The hormones are very very minimal something like the 10th of that in the pill. I found insertion and removal very easy. You normally have it fitted when on your period but it can be done any time of the month. I bled for the first month but then nothing since. I am now on my third coil. The other 2 I had removed when I wanted to conceive. Fertility returns almost immediately after removal.

Im hoping mine will be removed and fitted again during the procedure but I think I will have to wait to have it fitted again.

I too suffer very much with heavy prolonged periods so works fantastic.

If you need anymore advice about the mirena I'm more than happy to help. 



Hi Johanna

Thanks for the info.....thats brilliant, you hear such horror stories about coils its really difficult to make the right choice...I chose the copper one purely becuase I didnt want to take a hormonal contraceptive again.....but I have to admit the periods have been horredndous and incredibly painful....I think I would rather they were lighter or stop altogether! I think I will have one then...she said she would only fit one of those as she doesn't fit copper ones anyway, I would have to go back to gynae clinic and it brings back bad memories (foreign doctor who told me an erosion wasn't normal after childbirth....apparently its very common so I feel a lot of my anxiety was caused by this misinformation)

I think your doing the right thing.....put it in a box in the back of your mind and get on with living your life as normal....you can't change the outcome so why put yourself through it. I have done this the last 2 weeks and even though it did peep out of the box now and again in my mind, i wasn't feeling the all out panic that I felt the 2 weeks leading up to colposcopy.

This site has been a godsend though...........just helps that so many of us experience the same panic and emotions and are here to be supportive


Iv only been on this site about 2 weeks and like you iv found it great! 

Honestly the hormones in a mirena coil are very very minimal due to it being localised so works well for us who are sensitive to artificial hormones.

My coil completely stopped my periods after the initial settling in whereas my friend just has a 2 day light period so is all on visually but pretty everyone stops completely or goes to light spotting.

Iv been like you, I'm ok for days and then all of a sudden the worry takes over and I get abit panicked but then pull myself together! I'm not sure we will ever stop worrying even when we get clear results just for the off chance it may come back but we can cross that bridge when the time comes I suppose. 

such a great site for info and support.