update: Results after Lletz under GA for cin/cgin3

I just wanted to post the results from my recent lletz procedure (done under general anaesthetic) to try & reassure other ladies that not all cin/cgin3 results lead to bad news. For some background - i had a colpo last sept & the results were cin3 & cgin3. However there weren't clear margins. So, i had a 2nd colpo last December. However although they found no nasties they wanted to look higher up & carry out a 3rd lletz. To be fair I didn't ask what the actual results were from dec but assumed there had been no change. 2 weeks ago i had my 3rd colp under general & whilst I didn't think it was cancer i was still petrified they'd want to suggest a hysterectomy (i'm 38 with no children :( ). Anyway, today my results came. They said they found no abnormalities only some inflammation so have said I need a follow-up smear in 12 months. I was expecting a 6mth colpo so am quite relieved at the results. I do just want to visit my gp to discuss this as i know this will still be at the back of my mind. I mean going from normal to cin/high grade cgin then back to normal is making me wonder if this will return but i know the best thing i can do is keep getting my check-ups. (I'm still bleeding lightly from the last lletz so still being reminded of it but a cheeky drink tonight should take my mind off it lol.) Thankyou so much to allll the ladies on here who have helped me. Some of you have offered advice, words of calm or just written your own stories which have helped me. Thankyou & hoping you all have good news.

Hi Catherine,


Thank you for your post - that's really great news! I'm due back for a second colp and so worried that I'll have to have another lletz - your post has given me hope that it'll will all be OK.



Aw Catherine - congratulations on your good news!! I would definitely recommend chatting things over with your GP (I did too) as it does wonders to calm all those niggling, remaining worries that you have. Then you can put this behind you and get on with enjoying your life xxx

Thankyou Jessica. It's funny how our brain works in situations like this. All sense of rationality seemed to go & I worried so much. Good luck with your 2nd colpo. Would you let me know how you got on. Worriedyetoptimistic....when you posted your positive news that gave me hope. I was still somehow convinced everything was going bad to worse but it helped to have that little reassurance at the back of my mind to help fight my nagging doubts. I thought when the results came through i'd be ecstatic but i think it made me realise just what i'd been through. I think, like you said, chatting to my gp will be helpful. I feel i need to understand better what i've actually had done. At this point i also want to thank this site for being here, for allowing stressed out women like me to have a place/space they can chat/offload to. Thank you Jo's x

Im really pleased for you too! Its such a breath of fresh air to hear good stories like this. I am awaiting the results of my first LLETZ after having no problems whatsoever in the past until a high grade dyskaryosis result from a routine smear. Unfortunatly I spotted the word 'urgent' scrawled on my consultants referal letter in my file at hospital so i am of course very panicy and desperate to get the results back, but your story has put my mind at ease a bit and made me realise that its not always as bad as we let ourselves imagine!

Louizabelle…i’m not sure this helps but when I saw my consultant about my 3rd lletz he had a junior doctor with him. The junior was filling out my paperwork for the lletz & he asked the consultabt “which do i tick?” Consultant replied “urgent, they all go through as urgent.” Like you I initially panicked but then realised they take women’s health very seriously. It’s hard getting your head around the fact you’ve gone from normal to severe just like that but the hospital will look after you. Here’s hoping good news for you.

Catherine, thank you for mentioning that...its a bit of relief :-)


Catherine, Just wanted to say how pleased I am about your results - that's great news and I'm really relieved for you. :-) Well done.