Update post ultra sound.

Hi all ,

Brief history :
Dec 2013 - 1b1 Adenocarcinoma. Treated by radical hysterectomy. (Ovaries left in. )
July 2015 - recurrence to ovary treated by surgery to remove ovary. Followed by chemo & radiotherapy.
Nov 2015 - CT scan was NED

Now on 6 monthly follow up gynea /oncology appointments

Nov 2018 - had some unusual discharge went to Gp as abnormal discharge was an initail symptom back in 2013 , I was worried my cancer was back again , the GP also said the thought she could feel a “fullness “right side of my abdomen , I have now had my ultra sound which did not identify any signs of another recurrence and everything looked " normal” , my blood tests came back normal and swabs came back clear. I have been to see another GP for a second opinion who could not feel anything on re examination.
The discharge has eased a lot but I still have the odd day when it happens.
It’s reassuring the ultra sound was " normal” I also had a CT last August which was also NED .

My next follow up with my consultant is March 2020. I guess I just need to relax and be reassured my the results of the tests I’ve had.

Best wishes to you all for 2020.

Love Greeni xx

So glad all tests came back normal , hope you will have an amazing 2020

Hi Greeni

So glad it was normal.


Love to you xx