update on scan

Hi all

Just wanted to update you all on the good news I received today - my 4 yr check up which showed fluid on the bladder on my mri, has now been ruled out as anything sinister. I had to wait 3 weeks for my pet scan and then results and its been weeks of ups and downs.
The fluid is said to be a radiation changes which is very common.

A few people have spoken about the few number of success stories when it comes to more advanced stages. My stages was 2b with lymphnode involvement - it is only recently I learned how wide spread it was, and I am extremely lucky it did not spread to any other organs.

I had 3 taxol chemos, then 5 cistplatin, with another taxol, aswell as the radio and brachy.
I also needed blood transfusions and have suffered from nerve damage in hands, legs and feet.

While I have never gained my old energy back I have learned to adapt and manage my life and responsibilities.

I know so many are going through really hard times, but I am here, 4 years on, still get my highs and lows, but I’m here and I’m grateful. It seems like yesterday and yet a lifetime ago.

You are all in my thoughts and am so thankful I was able to turn to you all recently for support.

Nic xx

Hi Nicola,

I'm so pleased that you have good news back from your scan and its nothing sinister.

I love these long term good news posts, you are living proof that 'the beast' can be beaten.

Good luck and all the best to you in all you do xxx

This is brilliant news, congratulations.

Being 2b as well i long to hear sucess stories like this!


Laura xx


Well done!

So happy to read your good news. You must be relieved. 

Stay well.

Big hugs,


Hi Nichola :-)

So glad to hear that it has turned out to be nothing to worry about after all. Sorry too that you have suffered some lasting effects. Sounds as though your battle with 2b was much rougher than mine. Reading this forum has taught me that in UK a 2b diagnosis is never treated surgically and I have often wished that mine hadn't been, but even so it seems that I have got off very lightly and for that I am enormously grateful.

Be lucky :-)

Thankyou for all your responses, I feel I can move forward that bit mor now.

Tivoli, Surgery wouldnt have been any good for me specifically as the tumour had grown just outside the cervical wall and also the lymphnodes in pelvis and abdomen were affected also (I think its only in Northern Ireland they do the lymphnode disection, which again helped flag up I needed the taxol). As my doctor put it, they were treating it very aggressively. I'm glad they did however, with whatever side effects I have, I'm still able to look after my son's and see them grow up.

Love the support I get on here, it is lovely to have



Great news x