Update on Lletz

Hi all,

I wanted to update and thank the forum for being a brilliant place for support.

I had a llettz procedure under ga in Jan this year after having my first abnormal smear in June 2015. I’ve just had the results back from the treatment and have been told it was only cin2 after being told it was cin3 and that they feel they got them all.

I have been so scared - have to go back in six months time for another smear so I’m keeping everything crossed that I get a normal result and get rid of any infection I had.

Big hugs to everyone going through this and thank you again



I am the same but a little further down the road. I have just had 6 month smear results back - no abnormal cells and no HPV either :-) Yay!

Hopefully you'll get the same when you go in. I'll keep fingers crossed for you :-)