update on biopsy

I posted on here about a week ago and at that point was being referred to a consultant as there was some concern during  colposcopy and biopsys were taken .

Well the worst was confirmed and cc has been diagnosed( gulp!) high grade cgin with defined endocervical adencarcinoma ( think thats right!? )but to be honest sort of stopped listening properly when the word cancer was mentioned!   Feel in a bit of a dream and not a nice one and am just waiting for my mri on monday to give a better idea of what stage its at . A hysterectomy is a definite ...type/further treatment will be determined by mri . Think im coping ok at the mo ...still not sunk in to be honest but am worrying about work ...dont get sick pay ...and how /what i say to my 8 year old son when i do go in for surgery ...my partner is fantastic and has been so supportive but i worry about him to and how he is coping ...like many men he dosnt really express his feelings that readily and i think he is not wanting to upset me. Fingers crossed the cancer is contained and can be removed but  do have moments of 'what if' ....roll on 22nd jan for results of mri ...reading peoples stories on here does give me hope that it will be ok if a bit rocky for a while ! 



Hi there so sorry to hear your news, there are loads of ladies on this site who have so much support an knowledge in this area. I was diagnoised with 1b cc early last year, i  had a radical hysterectomy in June and now having 3 monthly check-ups.   I too have 2 children one is 4 and other 8 I told them that i was having stomach pains and the doctors were going to take the pains away they seemed to except this and not ask any more questions.   Hopefully you can get the RH out of the way and then you can start to look forward.  Good luck on Monday. Take care of yourself and sending you best wishes.


Sorry that was best wishes


Hiya, So sorry to hear that you were diagnosed, Good luck with the MRi Monday ,I have mine the same day :) .

mine was following colposcopy then Knife cone biopsy after that waiting for confirmation of scan before radical hysterectomy, So now roughly where I am from the biopsy results, but will be nice to know that it isnt anywhere else with a scan :)  So minimum result1b2 stage 2 atm

Sounds like we are both roughly at tghe same stage in the scale of things :) 

so really hope the news is good for you following the results from scan and , and I shall be thinking of you xxxxxx

Thanks julie and amelia

I was thinking along the tummy pains route julie ...its just hard to have to put into words ! I think I will wait for the outcome of the mri and hopefully will have abetter idea of the treatment options before tackling that particular conversation with him .

I dont know about you Amelia but i am quite nervous about the mri on Monday ....not sure if its because at the moment its still a wait and see situation if you know what i mean regarding treatment ....i think the mri will make it more real  : (  or the fact you are in a narrow noisy tube with no means of escape lol .. a  knife  cone biopsy was mentioned by my consultant only if the mri wasnt clear enough  but that would delay rh  by 6 weeks  and I really want to get on with it ! The follow up appt to discuss results and treatment is on the 22 jan so a week after mri ...me thinks it will be a long week !

Hope your your mri goes well .....its nice to compare notes with someone at a similar stage :)



How was the recovery after Julie ? I know its different for everyone but trying to get a sense of realistcally what time im looking at off work . And if you dont mind me asking how long were you in hosp? seem to read different things ..anywhere from overnight to 5 days ! I hope you continue to recover well .

best wishes to you both



Hi there me again,  They gave me the full on open up Radical Hysterectomy, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, you just have too keep ontop of the pain and take lots of drugs which makes you feel quite high at times, so not all bad! I was in hospital for 6 nights. Take some relaxing or your favorite cds with you tomorrow they should be able to play this whilst your having the MRI, it's quite noisey in there.  Good luck agian with tomorrow.


Hi there.

I'm another in the just diagnosed gang ;0/

Ive also fot grade 1b2, but have been told that a hysterectomy is no good for me, and i need chemo/radio therapy. i'm really interested to know that others have been offered surgery at that.

I've gt my MRI and CT on friday.. think you're right about it making you worry, as i've been ok the last few days and now its this week the anxiety if starting again.

Good luck to all, it is nice to know you're not alone

Kelly xxx


Hi Starr

I was also 1b2 on doagnosis and I was given the choice between surgery and chemoradiation. My case was borderline and after lenghty consulatation with my gynaeoncologist, we agreed that I would go for surgery (my preference) on the understanding that if the histology showed anything suspicious, I would have to have the chemoradiation as well. Luckily for me it didn't, and (fingers crossed) two and a half years on I'm fine. It was a tough choice at the time and one I didn't feel equipped to make, but I was told both treatments were equally effective. It may be in your case that there are extenuating circumstances which mean you are not a candidate for surgery.

I wish you all the best with your treatment.

Take care,

lots of love

Louise xx

when i was diagnosed with cc i had a 25years old,a21 years old,and a 5years old. i had to have an hysterectomy. i no exactly how you feel. my husband was the same, didn't show his emotions but was brilliant. obviously my elder children were  devastated but told my youngest i had a poorly tummy. we decided till we knew what stage  it was at i wanted things to be normal for him. well as normal as we could make it.i also didnt get sick pay and my husband is self employed so had to take time off work to look after us without pay. you muddle through and your health is more important. try not to worry, i no thats a stupid thing to say but try to remainpositive. i Will be thinking of you xx