update....it's back

Hello ladies, it hasn't been a great week. I have a tumour I n my vault(!!!!!! Empty space at top ofvagina after rad hysterectomy). Ct scan has shown suspicious areas on my liver and lungs. If they are cancerous it will be chemo, if not radiotherapy. I n order to find out I have to have a ct pet scan. Has anyone else had one? They've told me to starve 6 hrs beforehand and I will be radioactive for 8 hours afterwards. The first date they offered was my daughter's birthday so have asked for a different one as they advise no conta ct with kids whilst radioactive. My bloods have come back showing my kidneys are not functioning well and I am still bunged up and in pain. I'm struggling to cope with it all. I know its only been 2 weeks since the MRI and they are working really quickly to find out what's going on but I am terrified of what's next. Plu's a friend of mine is losing her fight with cancer and I want to see her to say goodbye but don't know if I can be strong and brave to do it.  I've been referred to my local MacMillan team for pain management and someone to talk to as my husband ( who is lovely/being brilliant) wants me to be positive. I don't feel like I can talk to him. I have no parents (both died of cancer) and my sister lives 150 miles away. If anyone reads this and has been through similar please message me. Karen

Hi Karen 

Firstly I am sorry you are having to deal with this again - but like you said they seem to be on the ball in making sure you get the right treatment.

i had a pet-ct scan early on in my diagnosis and its very similar to a ct scan with contrast dye, if I remember rightly when I got there I had to drink a certain amount of fluid and then pee was then taken through to have a candu liar fitted then put in a chair where over about an hour I think the radioactive liquid was put in through a pump machine and then it's just like a normal ct scan. The only wired thing was mine was done in a lorry in the car park which was a bit wired and it was bloody freezing so wrap up and take a book or something with you as even though there was other people we were sat in a line in front of each other so nobody spoke!!

sorry for the couple of spelling mistakes but I'm on the iPad and I have already wrote this once went back to try and correct and lost the lot!

thinking of you - Naomi x 


Thank you.....all top tips gratefully received x how are you? Your synopsis looks like you've had a tough time. Karen

No advice for you Karen but just wanted to say how sorry I am to read this. With regards to your friend, go say goodbye. It will be hard, you know that already but better to do it than not and regret it. Good luck with everything, will be looking for your updates xxx

Hi Karen,

Sorry it was just a quick note last night but it was driving me insane trying to post on my ipad!!

How are you feeling today?

Have you made a decision on seeing your friend? Like said below if it was me I think I would go friends need friends and it might lay heavy with you if you dont go.

As for me I'm also in a bit of a situation at the mo - I had a ct scan late october and there was a few areas of concern but due to really low bloods from chemo they couldn't do biopsies so have had to wait 3 months for another scan which I have had today - apparently in october there were areas around and in my bowel, pubis bone and in front of my tail bone so meeting with my oncologist tomorrow to get todays scan results on top of this I have also had a couple of light bleeds - not sure if this is from dialators or what so feeling slightly anxious at the mo.

Hope you manage to get your bowels sorted as I know from experience it can make you feel awful and I am sure if they can help you with that you will feel a bit better in yourself.

Sending you positive thoughts and hugs - i check on here most days so wll keep an look out for your posts.

Take care sweetie

Naomi x



sorry to read this, no advice on specifics but i know once a treatment plan is in place it makes dealing with it a little easier.



So sorry Karen! I have no advce, have vault smear scheduled for March, am quite apprehensive, as I had strands or something like that high up before my radical hysterectomy! All the best,, go see your friend, I would!! Lots of hugs your way, & good thoughts!!!

hi just read your entry and wanted to know how you are doing.
it is not simple to deal with recurrence so shortly after

hope treatment options are not too debilitating.


Oh Karen, just read your updated treatment history.  Kidney failure, stents fitted, nephroplasty.  You have really gone through the mill and I really hope you are ok after all that.

I see you have now got to have 28 sessions of radiotherapy with a chemo boost.  What have they said about your condition and treatment?

Keeping everything crossed for you that you come through this ok and that nothing else needs to be done.

Sending you lots of hugs


just wanted to drop you a note to say i hope you are winning your battle and that the kidney situation is under contol. x