UPDATE Good news

Hi All, 

I feel somewhat guilty about posting good news, but I know from reading your posts here that any light is embraced by you all. I am so relieved to tell you that my PET scan came back clear  - no sign of disease anywhere else in my body. 

I am scheduled to have a radical hysterectomy on the 5th of December, they plan to leave my ovaries and they plan to do t with keyhole surgery. They will remove the lymph nodes and have them checked out, they are confident that there has been no spread (I know there are issues as a result of having them removed). 

They have also tentatively told me that they don't even feel radiation is needed. They do have to remove the entire area (can't recall the name) where the tumour is embedded and the surgery has certain risks (bladder/bowle/nerves and so on) and that depending on how the surgery goes, that there is a risk that it could lead to open surgery - that's ok by me though. 

My house is soooooo much lighter that I fear a gust of wind will blow it away. I feel very lucky and want to thank you all for you kind words and prayers, trust me they are being repaid as we speak. 

I know I am still on the journey - and how far I have come in such a short time. From diagnosis to removal it will be 10 weeks (can't get my head around that one), 10 short weeks and such a journey - wow.


Thank you all and here's to the next leg.









If it weren't so early in the morning I'd be raising a glass to you SID, perhaps I'll try to fit that in a little later on ;-)

Never, ever feel guilty about posting good news, it's what we all want to hear.



Hi Sid,

FANTASTIC :-))) We ALWAYS want to hear good news.

Thanks for letting us know.

All the best

Becky x

Brilliant news! Really pleased for you. X

Hi Sid,

That's brilliant news, so pleased for you

Mandy xx

Great news! My scans were clear too and it was weird to be celebrating when I had cancer, but you do feel so much better! Fingers crossed we're on the road back to health by Christmas.

big hugs, Molly xx

Fantastic news, so pleased for you. Always pleased to hear good news :)

 Lots of love, Mandy xx


Thats fantastic news, I'm so so pleased for you.  We all love to hear good news, it puts a smile on our faces!  Good luck with your op, long may the good stuff continue.



Wow, thank you all for your kind words and good vibes - I was telling a friend about my "good" news and she asked me how could I be so happy, I told her - "you have to be in "our" shoes" and have this diagnosis to really understand it. 

I feel as if someone put their hand down my throat and reached into my big toes and ripped me inside out - it is that traumatic. Molly - am so thrilled for you and yea, I hear you, it is so weird to be celebrating cancer.

I take my hat off to you girls - I really do, if you haven't lived it then you just don't know and as I said to another friend - I never want you to know it either!

 Hugs and best wishes!






That's great news SID!   :D

Hugs & Love

Megsmaw xx

That's brilliant news, good luck with your op. Make sure u get plenty of rest!

Love anne x