update - good news

Hello everyone

Just back from my hospital appointment following a post menopausal bleed & fast track scary 2 week referral because I am over 55. Turns out they think it is to do with my oestrogen levels/menopause & that correct dosage of HRT should help to sort this out. However, unrelated to the bleeding the TV scan revealed a small ovarian cyst, previously undiscovered. So they want me to go back for another scan to check it hasn't grown in 4 months. So, it just goes to show you should always get these things checked out. I have gone from cervix to womb to ovary but feel really relieved now I have more facts. A glass of wine tonight!!!!!

Ladies always get things checked out without delay; for your own peace of mind if nothing else!



Such brilliant news. Sounds like you are being well taken care of. I imagine you must be feeling very reassured x

Thank you FeelingTheFear - yes am hugely relieved but quite surprised about the cyst. Get the odd twinge in that area and so they said it was probably because of the cyst (and not wind as I had supposed!!!!)

Thank you for all your support. This has certainly been an eye opening rollercoaster journey. It has made me take nothing and no one for granted. 

Hugs xxx

That's really good to hear! Enjoy your well deserved glass of wine.

x Maria

Hi Maria

Thank you xx

Brilliant, Ive had ovarian cysts and they can be extremely painful.

Fab news xx