Update (fertility mentioned)

Hello again to all you lovely ladies who have been so fantastic in supporting me these past few months, just thought I would give an update on what's going on with me after seeing the consultant again today.


Expecting to have a discussion about another lletz or cone, it turned out to be more like cone versus hysterectomy! Doc said that as the remaining abnormality is deeper into the cervical canal he wants to treat it a bit more agressivley. Hysterectomy is an option that he offered but would rather try to avoid major surgery just yet. Instead he is going to do an extensive cone and top hat under ga. He explained he had already taken extensive amounts away with the lletz last time and to be honest I was a bit taken aback to realise just how much he took and that my margins werent as clear as I had been led to belive.

This time he is going to take as much as he can with the cone and an extensive top hat, adding that if it doesnt remove everything there wont be enough cervix left to repeat the treatment and major surgery would be the next step. Also that the extent of the treatment this time means that my ability to have any more kids would be virtually nil.

Feeling a bit more sane now that I know what the next steps are, but even though I am 40 and had no plans for more kids having that choice taken away from me is the hardest thing for me to deal with right now.