Update 10 years abnormal smears

Hi All,

I went to see the consultant this morning , who was lovely and made me feel at ease . I had a colposcopy and an internal and she decided the best way forward was for me to have an hysterectomy . I feel relieved now after 10 years of uncertanty and abnormal smear results this is the best way forward but scared at the same time.

iI have to go for a scan then they will decide which type of hysterectomy i will be having im hoping keyhole.

II was just wondering what ladies took instead of HRT as she said because there is breast cancer in my family i cant have HRT.

Another few weks waiting but after 10 years im ok with that.




Wow. Well done. I have no idea as I’ve only had one smear but your really brave! And hopefully someone else can help you with the HRT question.

Much love,


Hi Sam

Thank you for your nice comment I feel this site has helped me loads I have read some many ladies post and its reassuring your not a lone.

Thank s xx

I don’t know anything about hrt. Is there any particular reason why they want to take your ovaries out too? My consultant suggested leaving them in if it comes to that. I hope key hole is possible for you as I understand the recovery time is shorter. Wishing you all the best! X

Hi Oldhand,

Im not sure , im guessing its my age as im 51 . Im keeping my fingers crossed for keyhole as its nearly half the recover time and i really want to get back to normality as soon as possible ,so fingers crossed when ive had my scan and they have checked the size of my womb !! im able to have keyhole.thanks for responding to my post.