Upcoming Surgery - Biopsy & Other Procedures

Hello -

I am new to this site and forums and hope that I am posting in the correct category.

I am a 46 year female. Married with no children.

I have not had “normal” periods for a long time due to a prolactinoma pituitary tumor. But in late 2020 I started having irregular periods from time to time. They would be very heavy for a few days and then sometimes stop for weeks and weeks and weeks. I would also have spotting between them from time to time.

Within the past 12 months, they started getting worse and more frequent - and passing lots of clots. But I have terrible anxiety and other medical problems that prevent me from leaving the house. I just don’t like doctors/hospitals either. So I just kept convincing myself that it would all go away eventually.

Then on the morning of Sept 10th I had about 3 or 4 hours of heavy bleeding and clots and then it just stopped. Next day - on the 11th - at about 7pm, it started up again and was very heavy. I was having to change my pads every 45-90 minutes and was passing quite a lot of clots. I couldn’t even lay down and sleep because I was so paranoid that I would just bleed everywhere. By noon on the 12th, I asked my husband to call an ambulance because I had been on the toilet for about 45 minutes and the bleeding just wouldn’t stop. I then spent almost 2 more hours just sitting on the toilet waiting for the ambulance.

They took me to the hospital where I was given meds to help the bleeding stop and a blood draw showed I was severely anemic from the blood loss. That evening in the hospital they did a pelvic exam. They advised they would be keeping me in the hospital and sending me for a colposcopy the next day bc my cervix looked abnormal.

On the 11th I had an abdominal ultrasound and a vaginal ultrasound. The tech said that she couldn’t see any immediate problems. The colposcopy couldn’t be completed the next day bc it was just too painful and I couldn’t tolerate it. I had a blood transfusion while there and was sent home on the 14th with a plan to book a surgery date under general anesthesia to perform all of the following: cervical smear and examination, diagnostic hysteroscopy, endometrial biopsy, removal of polyps, camera in womb, and insertion of hormonal coil.

After getting home, I read my discharge papers thoroughly and noticed that the ultrasound report said that fibroids were seen. And that my cervix had a “cauliflower appearance”. So of course now I am worried and trying to prepare for the worst.

I’ve had my pre-op assessment, meeting with anesthetist, and having an MRI today (Oct 7th).

Needless to say I’m nervous, scared, worried, and stressed. Hoping and praying results after surgery don’t take long. Just here looking for support.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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Hi Brandy, I hope you’re well? I noticed this was posted early last month and just wanted to check in to see how you’re doing, and to let you know that I’m thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

Sometimes these things can be super scary as all these different medical terms and explanations are completely out of the ordinary to a none medical professional!

I’m so glad you were listened to and they’re doing all the relevant tests etc. thinking of you!


Thanks for checking on me. That is very kind of you.

I was actually diagnosed with Endometrical Cancer on Oct 27th. So I am starting the journey for a care plan to deal with this.

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