Upcoming colposcopy

Hi all,

i am messaging for some words of advice... I went to the doctors two weeks ago as I have been bleeding between periods and have been experiencing period pains which I dont usually get, I have been off my pill for over a year so the doctor asked me to come back this week for an internal examination.

So on Monday I went for an internal and the doctor had a look and said my cervix didn't look right, it was red and bloody and she mentioned cervical cancer so that I would get an appointment for an colposcopy sooner. She told me not to worry though. But I haven't stopped worrying, I didn't ask her the questions I wanted too as I was in shock. I haven't had any smear tests previously as I am only 23.

My colposcopy appointment is next week, I have no idea what to expect and I am really nervous for what they are going to say 

xx Christy 


try not to worry. It might not be anything Nasty. The colposcopy sounds scarier than it is and it's not that bad at all. I recovered really quickly and I wouldnt be that worried having it again and I had a procedure and biopsies too. Sending hugs 


I had my first COLP 2 days ago, I had no idea what to expect and didn't even know I was going to have one.  I had a Pap that came back with HGSIL cells and definent cancer cells. I was refered from my PCP right to a gynecological oncologist. I still don't know margins or classifications. Everything has been so fast and a blur.  Here was my experience and I hope it helps you!  When I first got into the room my dr's inter asked me some questions(previous period, paps and family history). She then introduced me to my dr and he first asked if I had questions and explained what was happening. As for the COLP it was kinda like a longer Pap.  It definitely more uncomfortable but not painfull.  They "dig" around a little more whitch is why I think I felt more presssure and cramping.  They took a few samples and then after maybe 15 mins were done(yes it felt longer). After I had some cramping, not much. When I peed I had some grainy brown stuff when I wiped. The second day was a little more crampy but eased with Tylenol and had more of a discharge.  I hope this eases your anxiety.  I'm scheduled for a LEEP or cone Thursday the 22nd I guess they will decided which one once my results are back from COLP.  Breath and lean on family. All of this still seems very unreal and I really don't have a clue how I should feel or act but apparently that is normal.  I found this site has helped and the woman here are amazing with advice. Good luck and if I can offer more help as I go through my processes I can let you know my experiences.