upadate// Help is this Normal?

Hi Ladys,,


Not been on for a while so i have now been told they have held there MDT meeting and i have to go for a loop on the neck of the womb also booked in for a pelvic scan a week this Thursday and then a bowl spec on Wednesday this seems to be a lot to me... is this normal ? The only information i have got is from my GP who has been excellent and had even had to Email my gyno because i just was not getting any information.....They had said some results had come back from colposcopy but waiting for some more one come back showing it looked ok so went bk to smear but said that is correct also one come back showing servere so decided to to do loop on neck o of womb sorry if am going on just finding this very hard to take in...I have no energy low back pain' craps in lower tummy all the time sore hips pain in legs just so tired could this just be stress.... Please advise if possible xx

Also had bloods done showed low vitamin d should be 30 am at 19 so been given vit tablets xx

Hi Joni :-)

"Neck of womb" is just the long English way of saying "Cervix". (Cervix is the short Latin way to say it) So yes, I think this all sounds perfectly normal. If you are low in vitamin D it sounds like you are spending too much time indoors. Perhaps you need to get outside in the weather a bit more and get some exercise? 

Be lucky


Thats one thing i do do as having children i am out alot more than i am in,,, any way went for tratment doctor has said the area is far to aggressive and now needs to be done under GA so big dissapointment more worry 

Well that's good, out and about and active is far more healthy than sitting about indoors. And I believe that healthy active bodies recover from just about anything better than sedantry ones do.

Be lucky :-)