Unusual bleeding

Hi, i had a clear hpv result back in January, at my appointment i mentioned i had bleeding between periods and after intercourse, i was put on the list for a scan and gyne appt. I went back to the gp in july as my periods were heavy with big clots and lasting 11 days, a visit to the gp in September showed i was now anemic with low ferritin levels, i was given iron tablet and tranxamic acid tablets. The tranxamic tablets caused a dvt and 2 lung clots so now im on blood thinners making the bleeding worse. I finally had a ultrasound and vaginal scan in November which showed all clear, my appt with the gyne 2 weeks later, still no answers, my hormone levels are normal, no infection. The gyne wanted to carry out a hysteroscopy and biopsy but due to taking blood thinners needed to speak to haematology first. I feel like im going out of my mind with no answers and all this waiting. Anyone experienced this or could advised of what the problem could be please. Sorry for the long post. Thank you.

Hi Juke42 and welcome

I haven’t had a similar experience but noticed you hadn’t had any replies yet.

Just to say that the nhs.uk website has advice about about heavy periods:

I can certainly empathise with the worry and anxiety when experiencing certain types of gynae symptoms. I hpe you get some definitive answers soon.


Hi Juke42
I myself had been having some heavy bleeding . I think is down to perimenopause could this be a factor ?

I did have a scan and it showed fribroids /polys. Had to have 2 ops to remove them these past few months.

But im still having heavy periods with clots . So do sympathise with you for all that you have been going through. I went back to have a colscopy and am awaiting results for this.