unusual bleeding 4 months on from cone biopsy

Hello, new and worried about recent bleeding which started last week after sex and happenening on its own a week later. I'm fairly new to all this as I only underwent Lletz and a cone biopsy within the last year and a half after being diagnosed CIN3. As you can imagine, pretty terrifying stuff, especially as it all happened so quickly. I'm due in early December but the bleeding has panicked me as I'm worried its back as it has been pretty aggressive so far.

I have experienced similar light bleeding before my last op and put it down to an infection or stress, so this time no bleeding had meant a good sign to me. So when the bleeding started again last week I went into panic mode. I'm trying to get hold of the nurse at Colposcopy but we keep missing each other but hopefully better luck this week as I'm struggling to keep sane whist waiting. I should add the team behind my treatment have been fantastic. 

I'm hopefully on the right track by finding out what to do next but any words of wisdom or comfort welcome. This is certainly a test of nerve and sanity!




Hi I have been experiencing this and i am 9 months after my LLETZ treatment I went to the drs with this and the dr insisted i had a smear there and then despite me saying I was sure it was just the 'come off' bleeding from the depo which i stopped in June on having a look I got referred back to colposcopy as she could see something on my cervix, after going to colposcopy the dr said it was just scarring and it had nothing really to do with the bleeding (which in his opinion was from the depo) although suggested sex may have irritated it and possibly made it bleed too at times (as the dr did make it bleed while doing a smear). Since then I have received my 'normal' smear result with no HPV!

I would definately say make an appointment with your dr they could maybe do your smear a little earlier or be able to suggest a way to improve the bleeding - I have been put on the pill and so far so good! :) x

I did go to the doctor and she was really lovely and helpful suggesting it could be an infection. She prescribed antibiotics which in this case seemed to clear things up and certainly eased my fears for now. A second cone biopsy next so it's not all clear yet but hopefully 3rd time lucky!