Hi ladies :) 

Just wondering if any of you know whether it's safe to have a massage after treatment? I had my last chemorad in march 2016 but bcus it was in one of my lymph nodes I'm unsure whether it's ok to have one?! 

Im off on hols tomz and would really love to have one while I'm away...I've contacted my cancer nurse but no return call as yet!! 

Thanks in advance if anyone knows xxx

Hi I have it in my lymph nodes and was told no massages but could have reki I'm in the U.K. I even had to get a letter from my nurse to have my nails done but im palliative so could be different for you if you've had NED results 

Best  to seek advice from your nurse as if you visit a wellbeing and healing clinic they do massages and when I was in Thailand in February the girls there told me  that they are allowed to do massages 

i read on this forum somewhere that lolli had answered the same question to someone so hope she comes along to answer you soon 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 


i used massage therapy all through my treatment and I still go religiously. I searched for a therapist who specialized in cancer treatment patients. My therapist is trained in the vodder technique as well as reki,acupressure  and more. This helped me tremendously through treatment as she helped move the lymph fluid around, relieve tension etc. My advice is GO but make sure you seek someone who has experience and the right qualifications. 

I know that I was worried during treatment about different things such as what oils they use as well as sanitization of her towels and just in general as I was terrified of picking up something when my immunity was low. If you are finished treatment then that is not as critical but do make sure if she uses essential oils that they are safe for you. 

Enjoy, don't hesitate. 

Hi :) thankyou for the advice, I've decided to not have a massgae whilst away but I'm def going to look into having someone help with movement the lymph fluid around...mine seems to of stuck around my tummy and no amount of excercise or clean eating shifts it :( 

found I now have prickly heat which I'm guessing is down to the menapause...but won't let it stop me enjoying the Greek sunshine :)) the cancer that just keeps giving hey ladies xxx

Hi ladies!! I hadn't even thought about massage as a way to keep lymph fluid moving, does this work? What sort of massage works best? I used to routinely visit a chiropractor who used to do a bit of sports massage on me while I was well enough to run/play rugby so thinking I could maybe start going again once im fully recovered?